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Please Visit our SALE PAGE and our FOALS PAGE. We hope that you like what you see and find something that will add to your show or breeding program. We are flexible and work hard to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we always look forward to answering your questions and visiting.


2012 AQHA Mare

KIDSLOOKINTOUCHABLE x Ima Precious Diamond x Statutory

Lookin Sexy51.jpg

Lookin Sexy39.jpg Lookin Sexy14.jpg

Effectively combining Size, Correct Structure, Muscle and Outstanding Disposition! She is fit and ready show with even more volume since these pics were taken. She has an incredibly kind disposition which makes her perfect for Youth, Novice, Select, Amateur Showman too! Her pedigree combines modern bloodlines of Kids Classic Style, Statutory, Touchdown Kid and Obvious Conclusion. You can see her Dam on “Our Mares” page.  We have a number of prospects for sale and more coming, so SEXY is very Attractively priced at $5,000. She is sound, kind, broke to go show, easy to handle and non-symptomatic.  Go get your Sexy ON!!

Rees Ranch is Proud to Announce!

Only have the baby pics of these two up and comers from the Rees Ranch, but already people are taking notice! Rees Ranch is VERY PROUD of these two individuals and their beginning show careers!

Congratulations to owner Ken Link on his Grand Champion wins with UNMISTAKEABLE - Yearling Colt by Kidslookintouchable x Jewels and Gems. This gorgeous colt has started his new year with Grand Champion wins and points! Way to Go Kenny and UNMISTAKEABLE!

(Weanling Pictures taken 2014)

Unfortunately I only have the Baby Picture of SO DRAMATIC, but she is setting the “stage” for a great show career! This gorgeous filly is a money earner and now point earner with her 1st grand! SO DRAMATIC is by Kidslookintouchable x Some Touch (daughter of Sacred Sierra).

Big Congratulations to John Engle with this stunning filly! Under the guidance and training of Ken Link. Great Job all!

(Baby Picture Taken Early 2014)



New Location, New Management, New Owner, well not really new….

It is with mixed emotions that I announce these new changes. I am very pleased, happy and wholly supportive to see the baton being passed on to Cynthia Masters on acquiring ownership of this wonderful Stallion. Congratulations Cynthia on a bright and wonderful future – it is your time! I am excited to see he will be standing at Rick Leek Quarter Horses under the care and management of Rick and Julie, two people who I respect and admire so much. I believe that this new endeavor will only add positives for all concerned. I wish to express my complete support and blessings to this exciting new team. I can see the endless potential! Evan Rees had a vision when he saw this weanling at the World Show and told me “I just bought us our Stud horse, come see”. It was his vision, talent and efforts that moved this horse forward. Yet it is both surreal and with great sadness to once again say good-bye to another part of Evan, another piece of us; but I also feel a sense of joy for the exciting times, possibilities, opportunities, accomplishments for Cynthia, Rick and Julie. I know that Evan is always watching over “Wyatt” and guiding them. God Speed and God Bless one and all. I will always be there to help if needed and I will always Believe in and Love “Wyatt”...    Denise Rees

At Rees Ranch, breeding outstanding horses has always been our passion and our goal for excellence. Hopes, Dreams, all start here...

Evan Rees has spent his life in the pursuit of equine reproductive excellence. It is with great pride we offer not only excellent mare and foal care, but in working with our clients in putting together breeding goals based on years of experience and expertise. Our facilities are set up to receive OR ship semen, foal your mare out and get her bred back, and do this as efficiently as mother nature and modern science can allow. Take advantage of the years of experience that we offer...  All our efforts are dedicated to the common goal of the confirmed pregnancy of the mares.

Please go to the Show Barn and Show Gallery to see other Rees Ranch Achievers

ONLY ONE LOOK.jpgLookingat The Sierras select.jpgLOOK HERE FELLAS.jpg

Rees Ranch partnered with you in Achieving Dreams….

It started with a Dream and that Dream gave birth to Hope.

Hope grew everyday and was nurtured and cared for through all the bumps, gangliness, frustrations and setbacks.

Hope grows as it continues to reach Potentials only Dreamed of and Hope carries those Potentials forward.

Dreams are Born and Hope Springs Eternal and THAT is why we Love our Horses and our industry….

Evan Rees, horseman, horse trainer

He was a Horseman, first and foremost; not just a Trainer

What's the difference, you ask? It goes beyond experience, beyond learning. That's part of it, but it's more; it's a God given thing, an innate, instinctual talent that few are blessed with, so many think they have and don't and all of us wish we had. Add to that, years of experience in numerous disciplines in the Horse Industry, racing, western, halter, breeding - the list is significant. A man who came from a family of horsemen, a man who dedicated himself to not only the animal, but the industry and people who shaped him. His stories are told along with other Horsemen in the alleyways of shows and sale pens. If you could only hear them - the stories. What a rich history built on all the great horses and great Horsemen who had them.

If only you could hear them... Horsemen... then you would Truly know the difference.

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